Homestay Introduction

Paint-Like Mountain and Sea View of Jiufen

Sunshine during morning and dawn, mists and clouds wreathing around, are the most beautiful scenery of Jiufen. What are the reasons to make Brother Tsan to leave everything in Taipei and move to Jiufen?

To find all those beautiful scenery on friend's postcards, I also came to Jiufen.After going around circles up the mountain, the amazing sea and mountain views came into my sight - All of Jiufen's beauty is just not far away from the Old Street, all treasured inside HappyLand View Homestay.

"Hello! How are you!"Greeting with smile like sunshine as I opened the door, the local attitude of Brother Tsan is unforgettable to me even till now. He was busying in the bar, after seeing me with those postcards in my hand, he invited me to sit down friendly. I've only noticed through the conversation that the pictures on the postcards are works from him. This meeting makes me want to explore more stories of Jiufen through Brother Tsan's camera.