Jiufen Brother Tsan

The Driven Force of Jiufen Local Culture Art,HappyLand Brother Tsan

20 years ago, Brother Tsan came to Jiufen incidentally, after seeing this heaven-like mountain and sea, he fell in love with Jiufen immediately, not only he decided to move to Jiufen from the bustling Taipei, he also became an important driven force of Jiufen local culture art.

Brother Tsan here you see is not just only a photographer, he is also a decent artist.The film "Dreams of Fried Patty Children" at Jiufen Mine Theater, is also a production which Brother Tsan devoted his contribution for many years. When he first came to Jiufen, he established "The Jiufen Art Center", it was reconstructed and named "Jiufen HappyLand", wishing to share the beauty and his happiness of Jiufen to more visitors. The art at Jiufen Old Street entrance was contracted to Brother Tsan to do the design by the City Government.

"Jiufen is such a good place, everyone in the world knows it, people are kind and honest, this is the place to come to if you want to travel..." This "Jiufen Poem" was written by Brother Tsan to praise Jiufen. Who would have thought, this artist who loves Jiufen so much, is the owner of a homestay. If have the chance to re-visit every site of Jiufen with Brother Tsan, the definition for Jiufen will definitely change! Makes a city people like me who has visited Jiufen more than ten times want to follow Brother Tsan's step, to see how beauty the Jiufen that he fell in love with is!