201 Happy Ocean

The Happiness Of Embracing The Vast Sea View Of Jiufen

Watching the rhythm of sea waves, happy cells dancing to the beat, the ocean spray of Jiufen is like patting on our faces gently.
"I came to Jiufen because of the sea you see here!" Follow Brother Tsan's steps, leave the crowded city dessert, and come see the beautiful views at HappyLand, makes us smile happily.

Embraced by vast ocean view after entering the entrance.

Lying on bed when tired, the clock slows down the footsteps of time.

When evening lights are lit, two people facing each other, enter their dreams cuddling together.

In love with the morning, the air is so refreshing.

The views outside the window brighten the room, curtain-up for your Jiufen trip.

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