202 Perfect Ocean

Jiufen Sea View Observatory, Creates A Perfect World For Four Persons

The red sun sets in to the sea horizon, tinted the Jiufen sea with red, full of brightness;
as night comes, the bright moon is like a piece of sliver coin, sonorously delivers music notes accompany people into dreams.
As dawn encounters with night, the nature becomes a great artist, harvests rich and bright colors,
full of the kindness of nature, only at Perfect Ocean Room.

"These pictures were taken by me."The photography on the wall, are the passion of Brother Tsan to Jiufen.

Walking into the room, the beautiful sea view is like a painting hanging on the wall.

Lying on the bed, like wandering in the golden happiness.

Or sitting on the observatory and listen to the touching music of sea waves.

Jiufen outside the window, the fogs intoxicated our sights.

Let us sleep with smiles on our faces tonight.

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