203 Blissful Ocean

The Poaceae Of Jiufen Keelung Mountain, Full Of Bliss

Late Autumn, the poaceae covers the whole Keelung Mountain,
looking around, their soft body waves swiftly as wind blows,
like waving towards visitors came from far away, inviting them to join the blissful atmosphere here...

Opening the window, the Keelung Mountain looks as if it is hugging you; the sun shines on the sea from far away, glittering like Brother Tsan's smile.

It is blissful to have someone next to you, the feels of being hugged, the sweetness doubles.

Watching the mountain and sea from the room, enjoy the blissful times at HappyLand.

Admiring the beautiful scenery outside the window while relaxing on the bed.

Cuddle next to each other like this quietly.

The blissful journey of two people, fulfill each other's heart with happiness.

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