Traffic Information

The closest Homestay on Old Street to Jiufen. Convenient bus service; a 30-second walk from Jiufen Old Street Bus Stop back to the Homestay.

By Public Transportation

  1. From Taoyuan International Airport

    ◎ After arriving at Taoyuan International Airport,visitors can take the shuttle bus at specific floors in every Terminal:
    • (1) Go to B1 floor in Terminal 1.
    • (2) Go to 1F in Terminal 2.
    Bus Stop
    Bus Ticket Counter
    Convenient Store
    Convenient Store
    Food Court
    B1 Map in Terminal 1
    Bus Stop
    Bus Ticket Counter
    Luggage Carousel
    Waiting Area
    Waiting Area
    Arrival Hall
    Auto Boarding Area
    1F Map in Terminal 2
    Ticket OfficeBus Counter
    Bus StandTerminal 1: Immigration, B1 Bus ZoneTerminal 2: Arriving Hall, 1F Bus Zone
    ◎ At the bus stand, visitors can choose the following sites as you like, and take train to Rueifang Station. Routes show as follows:

    (1) Taoyuan International Airport─Taipei Main Station (Travel time: 60 mins)
    Departure 05:40~01:00 (Extra bus at 03:00)
    To Taipei Main Station(King bus, Air bus) NT$90-125

    (2) Taoyuan International Airport─Taoyuan Train Station(Travel time: 40 mins)
    Departure 06:35~22:15
    To Taoyuan(Taoyuan bus) NT$42

  2. Go to Rueifang Train Station by train

    Arriving Taipei Main Station or Taoyuan Train Station, visitors can buy tickets to Rueifang Train Station.

  3. Please transfer buses bound for "Keelung-Jinguashi" or "Taipei-Jinguashi" at "Rueifang Train Station"

    Bus Route: Please take "Keelung-Jinguashi" or "Taipei-Jinguashi" buses
    Terminal: Jiufen Old Street Stop

    Please turn left after going out of Rueifang Train Station and walk to the bus office in front of Rueifang police station for taking buses.

    It take about 15 minutes for buses heading to the terminal from the bus stop. Please get off the bus at Jiufen Old Street Stop, where is also the destination for most passengers.

    ※ Or you can have more alternative transportation choices

    For any traveler has been visiting Taipei downtown, we may suggest following ways:
    In Taipei downtown, you can take MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) BanNan line(the blue line)and get off at "Zhongxiao Fuxing Station" then go out from the 1st exit to transfer the "Taipei-Jinguashi" bus. Please also get off at the same stop "Jiufen Old Street" Stop.

    1.The 1st exit at MRT "Zhongxiao Fuxing Station"  2.To transfer the "Taipei-Jinguashi" bus

    GoTaipei → Jinguashi
    From : Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
    First 07 : 10
    Last 20 : 40

    Price: NT$102
    Travel Time: About 1.5~2 hours
    ReturnJinguashi → Taipei
    From : Jinguashi
    First 06 : 30
    Last 21 : 30

    Price: NT$102
    Travel Time: About 1.5~2 hours

    Note:"Taipei-Jinguashi"Stop is located at Taipei Bus Stop in front of No. 152, Fuxing South Road, Taipei

  4. After getting off at Old Street stop, walk back for 30 seconds and you will arrive.

    After getting off at Jiufen Old Street stop, walk back for 30 seconds, and you will see HappyLand (there is a beautiful flower garden at the entrance).

    *By Taxi:
    Travelers taking taxi from Ruifang Train Station to Jiufen costs about NT$180 (about 10 minutes).